Meet Allie, one of Miami’s finest escorts and one of Florida’s sexiest girls to play with anytime, day or night. Allie is a beautiful girl who believes in being honest, no matter what the circumstances. That means she believes you should be honest with those around you… but also, and most importantly, with yourself. She thinks that if you can’t be honest with who you are to your own self, you’ll never be able to do that kind of thing with anyone else. Allie loves her job as one of our Miami escorts because she adores the city, loves the nightlife, can’t stand cold weather, and is happiest when she is prancing around in next to nothing. This makes Miami, and her job with our other Miami escorts, absolutely ideal for her. She has stated many times that she won’t ever leave the area, and she hopes that while she is working as an escort, you will take the time to spend a few hours getting to know who she is and what she is like.

“I may look like the girl next door when I want to,” she says, “all sweet and innocent. But I’m anything but innocent. There is nothing I enjoy more than shocking a guy with how naughty I can be, after he’s already decided I must be one of the shy innocent ones. Guys love it when you do that, too. They love to be surprised. I think the key to any relationship is taking the time to keep your lover surprised. We all want variety, and a partner who keeps us guessing, who makes every day an adventure, is the kind of person you want to stay with forever. If you’re a sexy girl and your man is coming to visit you, why not strip down and greet him naked at the front door? When you see a sexy girl walking down the street, why not point her out to him? Just give him the kind of adventure he deserves. Give him the kind of partner he craves. Be the person that is always exciting and always an adventure. That variety is going to keep your relationship alive. It’s going to keep you both interested.”

She goes on, “That lack of interest, that’s what kills it for two people. You can’t afford to ever let the men in your life get bored, or they’ll move on. Why do you think Miami escorts are so popular? It’s because when a man learns he doesn’t have to be tied down to a relationship to experience female companionship, when he realizes he can just go live his life and then have a beautiful woman around whenever he wants her, then he’s a lot more likely to just ditch the drama and his boring old relationship and start enjoying the variety that Miami escorts can provide to him. Who could blame him? I certainly don’t think any man should have to settle for less than what he wants. After all, life is short. There’s no point in spending it miserable. You should instead enjoy your life as much as you can, and if that means booking beautiful, sexy Miami escorts whenever the mood strikes you, then absolutely, go for it.”

Allie is not alone. She is one of multiple beautiful girls who have agreed to work with Miami Naughty to fulfill your dreams and desires. Come to us and book your beautiful, sexy Miami escort today. Each of our ladies has a special promise for you, and that is that she will do whatever she can to send you home satisfied. There is absolutely nothing better in the world than Miami escorts! Find out for yourself right now.


Age 25
Height 170
Hair Blond
Ethnicity Caucasian
Orientation Bi-Sexual
Rate $800/hour

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