Amanda is the perfect girl for the dinner party that you are having or attending.  There is nothing more alluring than this girl in an evening dress.  She is a gorgeous little vixen that will steal your heart within no time.  If you are trying to impress the ex or the boss or anyone, then this is the girl for you.  She has the perfect curves and just the right way of moving that makes all of those curves do their job just right.  She is the epitome of glamor and one day she will be on a runway, modeling some expensive something that no one will notice because they are all looking at her.

She has a strong business background and will keep up with nearly any conversation that you or your fellow party goers can start.  No one will ever know that she is not your perfect date, because she has a way of blending right in to any situation.  That is blending in while standing out in a crowd.  If it is a business affair that you are attending, then this is the woman to choose.  She will be there and she will be the hit of the party.  She takes her cues from the environment and then takes the party just a step further than it is willing to go. There is nothing that can fully describe this girl in a manner to ensure that you will not be surprised when you meet her.  She is everything that every man dreams about and she can be your dream come true.  It is the best of the best that you get when you invite this girl around.  She is like a fine wine and we hope that you have reserved a few hours to simply drink in all that is Amanda.

“I love going out to fabulous new places with the men I meet,” she says. “You can always count on me to show you a good time, but I’m having a good time, too. I like it when I get to sample the best things in life. I like going to restaurants, and to clubs, and to shows. I like knowing that when my date and I are out together, I’m the arm candy that is going to impress other people for him. There’s real pleasure in that for me. I like being able to show a guy that I enjoy being with him, but I like even more being able to impress others. When we walk into the room, and they see him with me, and they wonder what it is about this guy that makes him so incredible, well… that says something about me, doesn’t? Doesn’t it make me somebody special, too? I love to be able to show a man respect and honor that way. There is nothing better than to be able to raise someone’s opinion of a man. It’s a very exciting experience.”

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Age 24
Height 170
Hair Black
Ethnicity Caucasian
Orientation Bi-Sexual
Rate $800/hour

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