Say hello to Brittany! She really knows how to make you happy any time of the day. Brittany is a smoking hot little stunner who likes to say that her ability to listen to people is what makes her so popular. She’s also of the opinion that when you are a good listener, you make yourself more interesting to others, because they’re always wondering what’s going on with you. Brittany believes strongly in cultivating a sense of mystery, and in working hard to keep her partner’s’ interest. She is the kind of girl who is always working out and working hard to improve herself. She also has some very firm opinions about women today and how they treat the men in their lives… not to mention how they treat themselves.

“Women today have gotten soft and complacent,” she says. “Think about all the fat, unattractive women you see. There isn’t a woman in the world who can’t work out and improve what she’s got. You can have the worst face in the world but if you have a rocking body, guys are more than happy to overlook any shortcomings you might have in other areas, things you can’t do anything about because you were born that way. But too many women today are just slobs. They’re used to being worshipped by men. They’re used to being told they’re special just because they’re women. They don’t work for things anymore. And because they have this dumb attitude that they are doing their men a favor, they never stop to think about how to keep a man. How to keep a man interested, I mean. They think that just because they are women, it will always be their choice to break up or to stay together. But more and more men are just saying they’re fed up. They’re tired of women who don’t take care of themselves and don’t treat them right. That’s where Miami escorts come in. We can treat you the way you want to be treated… and we always look good.”

She goes on, “Whenever I leave the house, I take the time to make myself up, to dress nicely, to take some pride in my appearance. I think women today think wrongly that they don’t have to do that. They don’t have to take pride in their appearance because that would be too much like being subservient to a man. Well, it’s nothing of the kind. It’s taking simple pride for yourself. It’s all about self-respect. If you leave the house looking like a slob, you are telling yourself that you don’t deserve any better. You are saying that you think of yourself, on the inside, as slovenly. Well, you can do better! Doing well on the inside starts with doing well on the outside. What’s that saying? ‘Fake it until you make it?’ Well, it’s very true.”

Brittany is the kind of girl who is always ready for a good time. She’s very aware that her body and her face get her plenty of looks when she walks down the street. There are also plenty of men who talk to her and chat her up, and she couldn’t be happier about that fact.

“I’m not sure when a guy trying to talk to you became ‘harassment’ on the street,” she says. “I always find it flattering if a guy thinks I’m so attractive he needs to talk to me. I’ve never understood why some women feel threatened by that. When a guy expresses interest in you, honey, he is telling you that you still have it, even just walking down the street several feet away. Appreciate having those kinds of looks while you can.”


Age 25
Height 172
Hair Black
Ethnicity Caucasian
Orientation Bi-Sexual
Rate $800/hour

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