Emma is the night girl. In fact, she may have never been seen during the day. If there is such a thing as vampires, then Emma is the one. She is quiet as a mouse most of the time and she will just sneak right up on you. She is mysterious and quiet and there is no telling what is in her mind at any given moment. She will be there one minute and be somewhere else in the next. She moves through the shadows and then she is gone. She does not have much to say, but when Emma opens her mouth, she speaks volumes in a few short words. You have that feeling like she is always there, always watching you. She is the perfect date for a business or office meeting and someone on vacation will have everyone talking when they see Emma on your arm. There is no stopping this girl once she gets started. There is no way that you can go through life without having spent a night with Emma, there is simply no way. She is someone that should be in every man’s bucket list and life will never be the same after she is through with you. That is how it is too, there is that moment when she is there and then there is every moment after that. Emma is a life changing event and it is time you picked up the phone and changed your life today.

Emma has completely embraced the nightlife that is part of being one of our Miami escorts. Not just any girl can be one of our ladies, because not just any girl can maintain the pace required to really strut her stuff as a Miami escort. Our girls are hand picked to be incredibly, stunningly beautiful, but also to be fun and entertaining. Our Miami escorts have a reputation in the area for being the best in the city, and for good reason. They are without a doubt, hands down, some of the most sexy ladies around, for miles, and we can show you when you contact us. Take a look through the pages of these lovely ladies, choose one who really appeals to you, and get in touch with us. If she’s not ready for a date when you are, we have plenty more where she came from, all of them lovely, all of them trained to be professional, and all of them friendly and personable. Really, what could possibly be better?

“I’m the real deal,” Emma says. “I’m a genuine woman. I don’t see how you can do this job and not be totally honest with yourself and with your clients. You have to be genuine with who you are. I am with too many people socially to ever be able to be fake with some of them. Nobody could keep all that in their mind at one time. No, the only way to cut it in this life is to just be yourself and be honest with everyone. That way, you always know that you’re in the right. You always know that people can count on you. And you can devote yourself to having fun. I’m all about having fun. I am all about being a Miami escort.”


Age 24
Height 170
Hair Brunette
Ethnicity Caucasian
Orientation Bi-Sexual
Rate $800/hour

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