Q. This is new to me, how does it work?
A. It is simple and easy. Our girls work for you or for a party. They are strippers, but because they are working in a more intimate environment, there is a lot more fun. Things are usually a little different if there is more than one person, but that is not always the case. The dances and games are fun and intimate and tipping is encouraged to make the most fun out of everything. There is no reason not to make a whole night of it and to have a very good time. The process starts with your contact. You can either call or use the internet. It is expected that you have a girl picked out and they are all different. If do not have to choose, we can choose for you, but the process is best when you know what it is that you want. There is nothing to be shy about and questions are encouraged. If you want to know something, then come right out and ask. We have been in this business for a very long time and we have heard it all.

The best course of action is not to be shy. We are not shy and our girls are not shy. If they were, then they would be doing something else for a living. They are professionals and take most of their cues from you and what you ask. If you do not give any insight into what it is that you want, they will still make the night fun, but they are guessing at a lot of things. Not to worry, most shy guys perk up after a few minutes and start joining in the fun.

Q. Is this a safe thing to do?
A. There are two ways to look at safety. We want to keep our girls safe and we want you to be safe. We will not put our employees, that means our girls or any of our staff into harms way. If we feel that a situation is not safe, then we will not put them there or we will immediately remove them from the situation. We are always around and we let our girls know that if anything goes awry to contact the authorities.

That being said, the same is true for you. Our girls are having fun, but they are professionals and they are fully trained in spotting a situation that is going south. We do this to keep you safe also. Despite what some profiles may say, we have fully checked and rechecked every girl before we put you alone with them. They are not there to make you uncomfortable or to harm you in any way. You are as safe with them as with any other woman and you are going to be fine. If something that a girl does is more than you want, tell them immediately and they will back off.

Q. What about discretion?
A. If you happen to be married or in some situation that can be compromised by ordering an escort, then it is up to you to tell or not tell. We do not judge and we are not in the marriage counselling business. All of our charges can be paid with cash if you choose to and if you do use a credit card, then the charges appear as our DBA and not as “escorts dot com” or anything like that. The girls do their job and go home at night, like any other person and they are not going to “kiss and tell”, so to speak. Your information is also safe with us. We do not sell your information to any other business, we do not trade your information and we do not use your information in marketing in any way. The only way that you will hear from us is if you contact us. Once your business is handled and over, we will not contact you in the future unless you specifically ask us to. That being said, you are responsible for your own actions and if there is alcohol involved, we encourage you to wait until the next morning before texting everyone or hitting Facebook with the pictures of your party.

Q. How long should I reserve an escort for?
A. There is no set answer that suits everyone for this question. It is a highly personal decision for each of our clients. Some men simply want a few minutes with one of our sexy escorts so they will book an hour or two. For most of our clients, however, this is not enough time.

The average time that our escorts is booked tends to be several hours. In many cases, clients book for overnight or even for an entire day or for a weekend. This gives them plenty of time to experience a wide variety of fabulous possibilities with our delectable young ladies. We encourage you to reserve more time than you think you need. For most men, the time with our escorts zips by and they regret not setting aside more time to spend with her.

Q. I realized that I did not reserve nearly enough time with my escort. Is it possible to get more time with her?
A. This is a pretty common dilemma that many of our clients find themselves in. While we encourage you to plan to spend more time than you think you will need with your escort in the very beginning, we understand that this is not always possible. Fortunately, this is a pretty easy problem to fix.

Simply talk to the escort that you are with and let her know what is going on. In many cases, our escorts are highly flexible with their time. They also understand that this is a scenario that is pretty common when it comes spending time with them. Your escort will likely be pleased to rearrange her schedule so that she can spend a longer period of time with you.

Q. Can I personalize my experience with my escort?
A. We encourage all of our clients to speak up and tell their escort what they hope to obtain from the experience with her. Our escorts are full of personality, charm and beauty. They are well versed in the methods that can be used to please a man and they are not afraid to expand upon these methods in order to help you reach the pinnacle of pleasure.

That being said, our escorts also understand that while men are the same in many regards, they are also quite different in things as well. This is the key factor in being able to personalize your experience with one of our escorts. The more you let her know about your preferences and your fantasies, the more she can customize her actions to please you. Communication is essential in order for you to have the most fulfilling experience ever.

Q. Do you honor special requests? How do you handle those?
A. If you have any special requests, we encourage you to share them with our customer service team as early in the reservation process as possible. While we understand that many men might be reluctant to do so due to their own shyness or fear of judgment, we at Miami Naughty can assure you that you do not need to be concerned with either one of them.

Both our staff and our escorts have seen and heard it all. You do not need to fear being judged and in fact we encourage you to be vocal about what you want to see and do. In this way, we can meet your experience a once in a lifetime one for you. We love special requests! Why do we feel such enthusiasm for them? Because we know that if we know about your special requests, then we are that much closer to making you the happiest man in Miami.

What kinds of special requests might we be able to accommodate? Really the sky is the limit here. Let’s just say though that we draw the line at things that compromise the safety of our escorts. With that caveat in mind here are a few possibilities that have come across our desk in the recent past.

Twosomes: this is a pretty common male fantasy and one that we are thrilled to be able to accommodate. You see, many of our escorts relish the female body as much as you do so they are all too eager to pair up with one of their fellow escorts and give you twice the attention and twice the fun.

Costumes: Men, being the highly visual segment of the population that they are, often have fantasies based around a particular figure in their lives. This could be a sexy teacher that they once had as a pre-teen, that perky nurse that helped care for them during their darkest hour or some other fantasy that involves an escort donning a costume. Many of our escorts have an extensive line of such exotic clothing.

Stripper: What man has not envisioned sitting back and enjoying a lap dance tailored for him and for his eyes only? Few have not had this fantasy but doing so in a club can involve a certain amount of exposure that you might not feel like you can afford to exercise. Our escorts are experienced in providing the types of dancing and engagement that you are likely to see in the top shelf clubs of the city but with a unique twist. You can experience the best in stripper dancing and routines in the privacy of your hotel room. In addition, you can let your escort know any preferences and she can tailor the dance she presents to you to your specific desires.

Q. Are your escorts discrete?
A. Our escorts take their cues from you. By this we mean that unless you start telling everyone in the room that she is an escort that you hired for the occasion, you will not hear her mention it. She will simply be a beautiful woman who is there so that you can enjoy her company and attention. She will not say anything to anyone about the relationship – or lack thereof – between the two of you. That is something for you to bring up if you choose to do so.

Q. Do I have to live in Miami in order to use your service?
A. No, you don’t have to live in the Miami area to use our escort agency. All you have to do is be in town for the time of your booking. Plenty of our clients come in from out of town, and we are happy to oblige them. There is nothing better than knowing that you have a beautiful woman waiting to enjoy the city with you when you are visiting Miami for business or for tourism. Please feel free to book in advance with us.

Q. Is there any special etiquette I need to know about to go out with Miami escorts?
A. No, there’s nothing special that you need you to know when it comes to booking one of our Miami escorts. We do ask, though, that you exercise one simple rule. We want you to respect our ladies. They are trained professionals and they work hard to please you. All they ask is that they be treated with respect in return. Take care not to try and force your lovely lady to do anything she’s not comfortable doing, and she’ll do her best to take care of you, too.

Q. Can I book multiple Miami escorts at the same time?
A. Yes, you can book multiple escorts at once. Many of our clients enjoy the chance to experience the attention of two beautiful women at once. You may also be someone who has a social function coming up for which the presence of beautiful women is desired. Nothing makes a party better, after all, than having tons of gorgeous Miami escorts circulating about. If you want to book a group of Miami escorts for that purpose, we can definitely help you.

Q. What if I want to make my booking longer?
A. We are always pleased to hear about it when you and one of our lovely Miami escorts have such a great time together that you don’t want the evening to be over. We certainly understand your desire to keep things going for as long as you can. When that happens, just let us know. If your Miami escort does not have another obligation that would prevent her from extending her date, she will most likely be happy to make the date last longer with you. Our ladies are nothing if not cooperative, and they love a chance to make a new connection.

Q. Why shouldn’t I just use online classifieds to find Miami escorts?
A. You certainly could if you wanted to. However, you would have no way of knowing what you were getting. Our agency maintains high quality and high professional standards for all our young ladies. There is no such safeguard when you seek Miami escorts through online classifieds. There is no telling the quality level you will get, and you may not even secure an actual escort. No, the best way to book Miami escorts is Miami Naughty.