Meet some of our girls!

We’re very proud of the stable of girls in our employ, and we’d like to take a moment to help you get to know some of them. You should take your time and page through our listings here. When you do, you’ll meet beauties like Amanda. Amanda is the perfect girl for the dinner party that you are having or attending. There is nothing more alluring than this girl in an evening dress. She is a gorgeous little vixen that will steal your heart within no time. If you are trying to impress the ex or the boss or anyone, then this is the girl for you. She has the perfect curves and just the right way of moving that makes all of those curves do their job just right. She is the epitome of glamor and one day she will be on a runway, modeling some expensive something that no one will notice because they are all looking at her.

Amanda has a strong business background and will keep up with nearly any conversation that you or your fellow party goers can start. No one will ever know that she is not your perfect date, because she has a way of blending right in to any situation. That is blending in while standing out in a crowd. If it is a business affair that you are attending, then this is the woman to choose. She will be there and she will be the hit of the party. She takes her cues from the environment and then takes the party just a step further than it is willing to go. There is nothing that can fully describe this girl in a manner to ensure that you will not be surprised when you meet her. She is everything that every man dreams about and she can be your dream come true. It is the best of the best that you get when you invite this girl around. She is like a fine wine and we hope that you have reserved a few hours to simply drink in all that is Amanda.

Then there is Tonia. Tonia is the blonde bombshell that you have been waiting your entire life for. She is nearly perfect in every way and she is hot to trot. There is nothing better than walking down the street with this girl. If you have the least amount of doubt, then just take a look at her pictures. She is a very active girl. Tonia loves to water ski, skydive, anything that is active and a little crazy. If you are looking for a girl to take paint balling or a girl to take to the game, then this is the woman for you. There is no reason at all not to have her stop by within the next hour and you can see for yourself.

Tonia is one woman to be reckoned with and she is a force of nature in herself. She can be seen anywhere that she wants to be and no place or person will deny her. She is just as home in the ballpark as she is in the dinner theater. She is the ultimate woman among women and she is right here waiting for you. One call and she is there. She is quite the busy woman, so be sure to let us know ahead of time if this is the girl for you. She is into nearly anything, but you need to let us know what you are going to be doing so that she can dress the part.

Tonia is the woman that can be seen in the party dress taking off her shoes and getting in the pool. This is woman that absolutely does not care what she is doing, as long as she is having fun. There is no reason for her not to be having fun with you. One call or one click is all that it takes. Make it happen right now and you will never be sorry. Tonia has been known to change a man or two in her time and it is about time that she changes you. No matter what it is that you have planned, Tonia should be by your side to make it even better.

You may also like Star. There are many rumors about who the original Star doll was based upon, but no one knew that this woman was going to be born. She is the perfect set of proportions and she knows just how to use that body to make men turn into jelly. She has everything that she needs to make your perfect date come true. She is one of the most well spoken woman that you will ever meet and she is one of the smartest girls that you will ever spend time with. It is hard to pay attention to what she is saying because she is so utterly gorgeous, but you should give it a try because she is filled with stories that are beyond interesting.

If you are looking for a girl to take to a quiet evening at dinner, then Star is the girl for you. She will be the talk of the restaurant and she will have every eye in the place on her. There is nothing better than the feeling that you and your date are the center of the world for everyone around you and Barbie will make that happen. It does not even matter what it is that she is wearing, because the body under those clothes will be the only thing that people will remember.

This is just the beginning of the many lovely ladies we have on staff here. We strongly encourage you to look through the listings and choose the girl who turns you on most. We want you to be happy, and we know we have the luscious lady who can please you. Just give us a call today and let us rock your world!