Nasty Relationship Tricks That Drive Men to Escorts

Let’s be perfectly honest: Relationships are hard.  Most people get that.  None of us wants to have difficulty in our relationships.  Some men avoid relationships entirely and just hire escorts, and for a lot of men, this is a really good idea.  That’s because when a man hires an escort, he can go out with a beautiful lady, enjoy her company, and completely avoid all the hassles that come with relationships.  That includes the stress, the fights, the inevitable falling apart of big relationships, the drama that goes with all these things… so many of us would just prefer to avoid it entirely.

There’s something we should talk about where that’s concerned.  Nobody condones domestic violence because it’s one of the most horrible things you can do.  But because it is horrible, and because it rightly carries such stigma with it, there are a lot of men who end up on the wrong end of the accusation of making a woman feel “afraid” or “uncomfortable.”  This is in no way a defense of men who are controlling or abusive.  Nobody approves of that kind of behavior.  Women are wonderful.  They are sexy and beautiful and that’s why men want to spend time with them.  But there is a group of women within the larger group of all women who cause a lot of trouble for relationships. That’s because they use certain dirty tricks to gain the upper hand in those relationships. This can do a lot of damage to all the sectors and factors of your life, and you won’t recognize it until you see these tricks for what they are.

One insidious little trick that all women seem to know and understand is this idea that if you ever disagree with them, if you ever stand up for yourself, or if you ever disagree with them — bluntly, directly, and with finality — you are yelling at them or otherwise abusing them. You see, we are programmed in our society to react strongly to this allegation. Our popular entertainment and our news programs are full of reports of abusive scumbags who hit or otherwise mistreat women. This violent minority of subhuman males is then distorted, through repetition and selective emphasis, to represent the majority of males in society.

The truth is that most men find the idea of beating, misusing, or even really yelling at a woman to be distasteful. Women spend enough time pissed at us as it is, in relationships; most of us just can’t be bothered to get mad at them, because they’ll either cry (and remember Rule Number One: Crying is blackmail!) or they’ll get angry at us for being angry at them — and then we’re back to the usual state of affairs, with them giving us the cold shoulder and punishing us for our misdeeds, while we beg and grovel and scrape and apologize repeatedly in an attempt to get them just to coexist with us peacefully once more.

The longer you’re in a relationship, if you don’t understand the basics of how you’ve got to conduct yourself to maintain your self-respect (and her respect of you), the worse this is going to get. Then, when you finally do start to stand up for yourself, she’ll start in with the accusations. You’re yelling at her — no matter how quiet you speak to her in standing up for yourself. You’re mistreating her — no matter how gently you try to point out that you’re not happy with the way she acts towards you. You’re emotionally abusing her — no matter what vicious, miserable, hateful, emasculating things she says to you when she’s angry, things you’re expected just to get over and put out of your mind. You’re frightening her — no matter how calm you are, no matter how even-tempered you try to be, no matter how much you want just to be able to talk things out without a fight.

Women love to cry “Wolf!” when relationships start to go bad, and those same women will call the cops if you look at them funny. Then you’re contending with a pair of officers who think they know exactly what’s going on before they get there; they’re following the Domestic Abuse 101 Playbook, in which you’re the villain no matter what’s taken place. You’re the guy, so you’re the abuser, and if you think you’re going to convince them otherwise, you’re mistaken.

If she gets to the point where she starts telling you how much you scare her, how she’s just not comfortable around you, how she’s got to pick up the phone and call for help just so that someone on the other end of the phone can overhear your conversation, how she wants a third party to be there when you’re trying to talk about you relationship, well… she’s fucking with you. She’s playing a game that’s hard-written into the genetic code of contemporary Western women. She knows she’s got you ball the balls, because she knows the cops that show up at your door will immediately assign to you, in their minds, the role of the villain.

You’d be surprised just how many guys will admit, matter of factly, that their women have hit them, scratched them, shoved them, or at the very least said blood-curdling, horrible things to them about what pathetic, dickless losers they are. Women abusing men is just accepted in our society; we’re expected to be able to take it and forget it, because, well, we’re men. We’re always the villains and never the victims, and that’s why it’s so easy for your woman to start telling you how “crazy” you’re acting when you’re standing there talking calmly. That’s why she can tell you she’s “scared” of you when your only crime is telling her you don’t agree with how she’s mischaracterizing you and your behavior as part of an argument.

If you’re arguing with your woman and she picks up that phone, just leave. She might as well be punching you in the face.