Profile: Carla

Carla, one of our newest escorts, is a fun-loving girl who enjoys amateur photography, dressing up in lingerie, and spending time at the beach.  She has quickly become one of the more popular fresh faces here at Miami Naughty and we are glad to welcome her to our staff. Feedback from her clients has been overwhelmingly positive and Carla is eager to give her clients a good time.

“I’m definitely the sort of girl whom you would call a ‘beach bunny,” Carla admits. “Whenever possible, I seek out the beach and the hot sand. The sun, the sound of the waves, the sounds of people enjoying the water and having fun with each other. There is nothing better than the beach when it comes to relaxing. My absolute favorite thing to do when I hit the beach is make sure that everybody around me gets a wonderful show. I admit it, I’m something of an exhibitionist. I think you honestly have to be, to work in this business. When you’re a beautiful, sexy escort, like me, every room you walk into is going to be a room where you become the center of attention. You’re going to draw stares. People are going to wonder where you came from and where your’e going. They’re going to want to get with you. They’re going to want to chat you up, get your number, get close to you. That’s how it’s been with me all my life. I’m used to the attention and, honestly, I thrive on it. So when the opportunity comes along to make a little show of myself, to show off my body and let those around me enjoy it, I don’t see any reason to hold back. I think the human body is a beautiful thing, and a woman’s well-toned, well-shaped body is the most beautiful thing of all. So when I go to the beach, I play a little game with myself. Every time I go out, I try to see if I can wear a smaller bathing suit than I did the time before. You might think, after you get a look at some of the skimpy suits that are out there, that this is almost impossible to do after a certain point, but you would be very surprised. The people who make bathing suits, or at least some of them, seem to share my sense of daring. They’ve been doing amazing things with tiny thong suits.  I just love a good string bikini. I like very small thongs.  I like knowing that just the tiniest scrap of fabric separates me from being totally naked. And nothing matches the feeling of freedom of walking a beach in the bright, hot sun wearing a tiny, barely there string bikini with a thong rear end. You will never feel more like you are naked in public than when you are dressed like that. It’s a wonderful feeling of freedom. I enjoy it immensely. I couldn’t ask for anything better. But that’s not good enough for me.  So whenever I go to the beach, I always see if I can outdo myself.  When I walk out onto that sand, I want people to be watching. I want men to be making up excuses to walk past me, to get closer to me, to check me out.  And that’s exactly what happens when I go to the beach and execute my little bathing suit plan.  I love the attention. I love knowing that my body inspires lust in the men who see me. I want their desire. I want them turned on. I enjoy having that kind of power. And I also know that when a man sees me like that, he’s going to remember it. It’s the kind of thing a guy tells his buddies about. ‘I saw the most incredible woman at the beach today, man. You should have seen her. She had a rocking body that just wouldn’t quit. I wish I could have taken a picture.’ And I’ll tell you, sometimes, I even catch them taking pictures with their phones. I don’t mind that at all. I like that they’re turned on enough to want to be able to have a picture to remember me by. And if I can, I’ll pose a little, move a little so he can get the best shot possible, and show off my assets as best I can.”

Carla expresses herself through her lover of amateur photography. “I enjoy seeing the world through the lens of my camera,” she explains. “I know that to some people, simply taking pictures, just capturing the world, isn’t really ‘art.’ And I kno there are lots of people who think that with the phones we’re all carrying around these days, and the ability to filter images so that you can add any kind of effect that you want to them, that being able to take a ‘good picture’ is kind of an outdated concept. To put it another way, anybody can be a professional photographer these days, right? Well, I think there’s more to good photography than just pointing a camera at someone or something and pushing a button. Machines can’t take the place of just having a good eye for reality. What is photography, after all? It is finding something that is worth catching it, and catching it how it looks right in that moment, sure. But you have to have an eye for how to catch the image. Your eye is not your ability to interpret the machinery of the camera. It is your vision. A photographer who doesn’t have vision isn’t really a photographer at all.”

Carla knows that a lot of men expect her to be innocent and sweet.  “With the lifestyle that I lead, though, there’s no way I could be innocent. I’ve been around. I’m sexy, fresh, sleek, and empowered, sure, but I’m also everything you want in a girl and nothing you don’t. That’s something special. It definitely is.”